First 2007 Audi Hints
Well done Harald Gallinis (at, who spoke with Audi Sport’s Technical Director Ralf Jüttner recently, and between them they provided several pointers to the German manufacturer’s plans for 2007.

Le Mans is naturally a firm fixture on the company’s racing schedule, but “because of the internal restructuring of the Audi management, all further decisions are pending concerning commitments in other series, as well as concerning the drivers,” explains Jüttner.

More positively, he admits that three new chassis are being built up, making a total of six – and suggests that two cars could be raced on each side of the Atlantic, pending the decision of Audi’s management.

"At this stage, with six existing cars, further customer ‘employments’ (placements) of the car, apart from Champion Racing, are almost impossible,” says Herr Jüttner.

Champion Racing therefore seems likely to have a more considerable role in the ALMS next year, now that the first year of racing the R10s has been accomplished (so successfully).

Regarding the potential of racing R10s in Europe (other than Le Mans) and in the ALMS, Jüttner indicates that although he (and Reinhold Joest) would like to race against Peugeot in the Le Mans Series, he makes it clear that TV coverage of the series is inadequate (our word - the LMS played second fiddle to touring cars in 2006), the series isn’t well known among the public and it would be difficult to justify major expenditure to sponsor the series, even jointly with Peugeot.

Meanwhile, the ALMS offers “a very delightful stage for our presentation and strategic running” – and Herr Jüttner seems to like the yellow flag periods. He must have particularly enjoyed the timing of the yellow flags at Laguna Seca.

The Essen Show is usually the scene of Audi’s announcement for the following year, but that wasn’t the case this time. Even the drivers don’t seem to have much idea regarding what they’ll be asked to do next year – or perhaps even who will be asked to do the driving of the R10s (and presumably the DTM cars).


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