Essen Motor Show – December 1-10
The Essen Motor Show is Germany's biggest exhibition for racing and performance related components – writes Johannes Gauglica.

Nowadays it is predominantly about tuning (a few more serious racing-only shows have appeared in Germany in recent years) but it still has motor racing elements. This year Le Mans is the theme for a special exhibition that features 20 winning cars.

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This is the list of Le Mans winners on display. The Autosport Show in January has a similar theme – and presumably some of these cars will be on display at the NEC.

Bentley Sport 3 Litre from 1924
Le Mans winner in 1924 with John Duff / Frank Clement (CDN/GB) and in 1927 with Sammy Davis / Joseph Dudley "JD" Benjafield (GB).
Four cylinders, capacity: 2,996 ccm and power: 88 hp.

Bentley Speed Six from 1930
Le Mans winner in 1929 with Woolf Barnato / Tim Birkin (GB) and in 1930 with Woolf Barnato / Glen Kidston (GB).

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 from 1933
Le Mans winner in 1931 with Earl Howe / Tim Birkin (GB), in 1932 with Raymond Sommer / Luigi Chinetti (F/I), in 1933 with Raymond Sommer / Tazio Nuvolari (F/I) and in 1934 with Philippe Etancelin / Luigi Chinetti (F/I).

Bugatti Type 57C "Tank" from 1939
Le Mans winner in 1939 with Jean-Pierre Wimille / Pierre Veyron (F).

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé from 1952
Le Mans winner in 1952 with Hermann Lang / Fritz Rieß (D).

Jaguar C from 1953
Le Mans winner in 1951 with Peter Walker / Peter Whitehead (GB) and in 1953 with Duncan Hamilton / Tony Rolt (GB).

Jaguar C from 1953
Le Mans winner in 1951: Peter Walker / Peter Whitehead (GB).

Jaguar D from 1956
Le Mans winner in 1955 with Mike Hawthorn / Ivor Bueb (GB), in 1956 with Ninian Sanderson / Ron Flockhart (GB) and in 1957 with Ivor Bueb / Ron Flockhart (GB).

Aston Martin DBR/1-300 from 1959
Le Mans winner in 1959 with Carroll Shelby / Roy Salvadori (USA/GB).

Ferrari 250 TR from 1961
Le Mans winner in 1958 with Phil Hill / Olivier Gendebien (USA/B), in 1960 with Paul Frere / Olivier Gendebien (B) and in 1961 once again with Phil Hill / Olivier Gendebien.

Ford GT 40 from 1968
Le Mans winner in 1968 with Pedro Rodriguez / Lucien Bianchi (MEX/B) and in 1969 with Jacky Ickx / Jackie Oliver (B/GB).

Porsche 917 from 1970
Le Mans winner in 1970 with Hans Herrmann / Dick Attwood (D/GB) and in 1971 with Dr. Helmut Marko / Gijs van Lennep (A/NL).

Porsche 917
Le Mans winner in 1971. Drivers: Dr. Helmut Marko / Gijs van Lennep (A/NL).

Matra MS 670C from 1974
Le Mans winner in 1972 with Henri Pescarolo / Graham Hill (F/GB) as well as in 1973 and 1974 in each case with Gerard Larrousse / Henri Pescarolo (F).

Alpine A442B-Renault from 1978
Le Mans winner in 1978 with Didier Pironi / Jean-Pierre Jaussaud (F).

Rondeau M379B-Ford from 1980
Le Mans winner in 1980 with Jean Rondeau / Jean-Pierre Jaussaud (F).

Porsche 956 from 1982
Le Mans winner in 1982 with Jacky Ickx / Derek Bell (B/GB), in 1983 with Al Holbert / Vern Schuppan / Hurley Haywood (USA/AUS/USA), in 1984 with Klaus Ludwig / Henri Pescarolo (D/F) as well as in 1985 with Klaus Ludwig / Paolo Barilla / "John Winter"(D/I/D).

Jaguar XJR-9 LM from 1988
Le Mans winner in 1988 with Andy Wallace / Jan Lammers / Johnny Dumfries (GB/NL/GB).

Sauber C9-Mercedes from 1989
Le Mans winner in 1989 with Jochen Mass / Stanley Dickens / Manuel Reuter (D/S/D).

Mazda 787B from 1991
Le Mans winner in 1991 with Bertrand Gachot / Johnny Herbert / Volker Weidler (B/GB/D).

Peugeot 905B from 1993
Le Mans winner in 1992 with Derek Warwick / Yannick Dalmas / Mark Blundell (GB/F/GB) and in 1993 with Eric Helary / Geoff Brabham / Christophe Bouchut (F/AUS/F).

BMW LMR V12 from 1999
Le Mans winner in 1999 with Yannick Dalmas / Pierluigi Martini / Joachim Winkelhock (F/I/D).
BMW LMR V12 from 1999

Audi R8 from 2001
Le Mans winner in 2000, 2001 and 2002 with Frank Biela / Emanuele Pirro / Tom Kristensen (D/I/DK), in 2004 with Rinaldo Capello / Tom Kristensen / Seiji Ara (I/DK/J) and in 2005 with Tom Kristensen / JJ Lehto / Marco Werner (DK/SF/D).

Bentley EXP Speed 8 from 2003
Le Mans winner in 2003 with Rinaldo Capello / Tom Kristensen / Guy Smith (I/DK/GB).


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