Radical SR9 In The Windtunnel
With the 2007 season already looming large, even before the whole 2006 season is complete the main manufacturers are working hard to find and maintain their strong suits for the season to come.

Radical has been in the wind tunnel at MIRA in Bedfordshire (for the very first time) with a full size SR9 - to prove the original concept and to find where progress can be made in the increasingly difficult waters of LMP2 racing.

Famously Peter Ellary designed the SR9 without the use of a wind tunnel, as Phil Abbott told dsc earlier this year - “In fact the SR9 is the only model we’ve ever made that hasn’t been in a tunnel and we will be putting the car in a tunnel at some point next year. The main thing however is that Peter brought huge experience to the project and he himself related that when they put the Bentley into a tunnel it was already 97% right, £350,000 worth of wind tunnel work later it was 98% right.”

Proof of Radical’s seriousness of intent is that the wind tunnel work has come before 2007 sees the light of day, and judging by the reaction of a very happy Tim Greaves there will be rather more than a 1% improvement to be seen.

“It is the first time the full size car has been in a tunnel and the results showed what the car had already demonstrated on track: it is aerodynamically efficient and the aero balance is stable in all attitudes of the car.

“The work done in the wind tunnel and in track testing over the next two weeks will define the final specification for the 2007 SR9. The MIRA test showed us how responsive the car was to change, and with development parts, we were able to increase the level of downforce by 25% without any increase in drag.“

So the lads from Peterborough are pressing on hard to bring a race winner to the tracks on both sides of the Atlantic.


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