Nick Jordan On GlobeCast Tonight
You will remember that earlier this year GlobeCast Radio ran a series of interviews with Nick Jordan (below) of Lola Cars – writes John Hindhaugh. His insight into motorsport, gained over a long and successful career (and some very good stories about the personalities he encountered), proved so popular we were inundated with requests to play them again.

Our listeners have spoken, well emailed actually, so we have decided to incorporate the full set into this week's edition of Midweek Motorsport starting at 8 pm UK time today, Wednesday November 8. Also included will be the usual irreverent look at the week's top motorsport stories and another round of the thrilling gameshow "Call My Huff".

The show can be heard in the UK on Sky Channel 0157: anywhere else in Europe, point your satellite dish to 28.2 degrees East, and you'll find us on transponder D9S, at 11.604GHz, with a symbol rate of 27500, FEC of 2/3, and PID of 5086 and of course on the web

If you prefer to listen via an MP3 player or download to your computer - the archive is at or via iTunes, search the podcasting section for GlobeCast radio.

Sam Smith at Lola Cars adds that Nick also relays anecdotes and memories in the recently released Lost Generation book by David Tremayne - about Tom Pryce, Tony Brise and Roger Williamson. Nick was Roger Williamson's mechanic in F3. He also worked with Tony Brise at Modus in 1973/74.


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