Henri Is Furious
In today’s (October 20) Ouest-France, Henri Pescarolo has provided this reaction to Thursday’s announcement of the 2007 ACO regulations. He’s bitterly unhappy that the diesel-powered cars have only been penalised with a 10% smaller fuel tank.

"The president of the ACO, in front of witnesses, made me the promise, after the last 24 Hours, that this equivalence would be re-examined. What has happened is scandalous. They take me for an imbecile. And I will publish in the next few days an open letter with technical evidence as support. For three or four years they have used me to provide a rival to Audi and now that a second manufacturer arrives with a diesel engine, they regard me as a spoilsport. Inadmissible!"

While other entrants ‘sit on the fence’, for fear of losing an entry for 2007, Henri Pescarolo has come out and said exactly what he thinks – just as he did in June, over the pit exit problem.


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