Peugeot’s 908 Due On October 1
David Legangneux has spotted an interesting piece of news in the French AutoHebdo magazine this week: Peugeot’s diesel-powered Le Mans car will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on October 1, and the team’s Sporting Director is expected to be Claude Saulnier (right) – although that hasn’t been confirmed by Peugeot Sport.

Hmmm, wires getting crossed here. That's Serge Saulnier the current team manager at Swiss Spirit.

Jean-Philippe Grand of Graff Racing was another contender for the post, but he wanted to be able to keep some time for his team.

Peugeot Sport will have a staff of 120 for its Le Mans programme, with a budget of 100 million Euros set aside to try and win Le Mans within three years.

Peugeot's 908 was covered here during Le Mans week this year.


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