Radio Le Mans – The #1 Event Radio Station
John Hindhaugh forwards the following information, after what was a very successful first Le Mans for the now independent service. Congratulations to everyone involved.

By any measure RLM 2006 was a massive success with the audience. The Internet is still the most popular way for fans not at the track to listen to the action.

The website attracted over 1.4 million page impressions between Tuesday 13th June and Monday 19th June. Predictably 60% of the traffic was on Saturday and Sunday. However Friday (with no on track action) held up well, and was busier than Wednesday and almost as popular as Thursday.

Radio Le Mans was accessed by listeners in at least 103 territories; there was a significant ‘geographically unidentifiable’ return on listeners’ IP addresses. The USA easily topped the list, providing around 78% of the audience. GB was next followed by Denmark, Australia, Japan, Canada and the Netherlands.

Europe was well represented but more surprising was the coverage in more ‘out of the way’ places, with listeners tuning in from Argentina and Mexico as well as Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Columbia in South America.

The Middle-East was also tuned in – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Egypt and Israel. India, Pakistan and Nigeria are some of the areas RLM reached on the Sub-Continent. In the Far-East, RLM can boast listeners in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and even Vietnam.

Our partner sites fared very well – “click-throughs” from the RLM front page to sponsor and advertiser sites averaged 1.88% of visitors during the week, reaching a high of 2.47% per advert over the weekend. To underline the audience participation, the sites featured on the front page selling books, videos and other memorabilia have, to the Monday after the race, sold in excess of £25K of product.

The live audio stream was what most site visitors were looking for. The direct URL for the stream was soon identified, at any one time there were about 50% more listeners to the output than users of the site. Numbers peaked on Saturday when 26,000 fans were online live. Almost 50% of listeners stayed for over an hour. During the race the studio received an email on average every 45 seconds.

Underlining Radio Le Mans as a global brand, over 8 out of 10 website visitors went directly to by typing it in.

Radio Le Mans is not only heard on the Internet. Sky satellite is part of the distribution of the service. Globecast Radio has a full-time 24 hour presence on Channel 0157. On Wednesday Radio Le Mans quadrupled the normal weekday listener figures and although there was a significant dip on Friday, the figures over the weekend were impressive with an average of 16,000 listeners on Saturday and over 19,000 on Sunday. This pushed Globecast to 7th most popular radio station on the platform. At 2am on Sunday morning, the Radio Le Mans broadcast was comfortably in top spot among all Sky channels. A great result, as Sky carries all major commercial stations and a full compliment of BBC listings (including unique and highly promoted BBC digital sports content).

The Statistics

· 235,000 spectators trackside – over 100,000 English–speaking

· 1.4 Million page impressions on Radio Le Mans website

· 85% of visitors went direct to

· 47% listened on the web for over an hour

· Global audience of more than 100 countries

· UK has the most ‘at home’ listeners – 51.57% of total

· USA is the premier web audience – 78% of Internet listeners

· Loyal and interactive listeners – receiving email every 45 seconds during the race

· 7th most popular radio station on Sky during race week

· Rated number one radio station on Sky during the race

· More than £25K of goods purchased from advertisers on front page

· £185K of UK media coverage for Radio Le Mans and sponsors

(Sources ACO, Online–Media, Workcast , Sky Broadcasting and publishers rate-cards)

In Summary

In 2006 Radio Le Mans had its toughest test in many years. Outside competition, mainly from the World Cup could have adversely affected listener numbers. However the unique mix of music, competitions and race coverage more than held its own.

Radio Show Limited achieved our aim of ensuring relevant content and high quality delivery over FM at the track. The live Internet audio stream was described by listeners as ‘the best ever’ thanks to increased bandwidth and multiple servers. The clarity of digital sound available on the Sky Radio service via Globecast attracted more listeners than ever and now accounts for a majority of the UK-based audience. Adding the Internet and satellite figures gives the UK a majority of ‘at home’ fans with 51% of the total, the USA is in second place.

The Radio Le Mans audience continues to grow and remains a desirable target for advertisers and sponsors.

Radio Le Mans retains its place as number one Event Radio Station in the world.


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