Laurence Pearce's Next Project
The big man let out a few tantalising details of his next project earlier this week, during scrutineering at Le Mans.

A chance to catch up with him today provided a few more clues...

"I don't want to go on with this car (the LMP hybrid) next year: it's got too much drag," began Laurence Pearce.

"I'm going to use (develop) a front-engined GT1 car, powered by a four litre turbo engine. It's a car from another manufacturer, but it will be a Lister.

"It will be very good, very high profile, and my budget will ten or twenty times bigger than it's ever been before."

And that's as much as he was prepared to say. Put the clues together, and see what you come up with. He's suggesting that more details will become known in July.


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