Monsieur Poissenot On Tuesday
The Sporting Director of the ACO made some very interesting remarks on Motors TV this morning – live from the Place des Jacobins. Unfortunately, he made them in French.

So we just had to corner him this morning, Tuesday, to explore what is being planned at the ACO – in English.

Monsieur Poissenot, are you about to announce something regarding engines in the LMP2 cars?

“We have problems with the endurance of the LMP2 cars. It is very important to have engines that can go to the end of this race.”

So will you be announcing something at the press conference on Friday?


M. Poissenot would not go further on this subject, but we understand that he mentioned the expression “stock-block engines” on Motors TV.

We also wondered if there was an announcement due, regarding LMP1 cars, on Friday. Possibly relating to closed cars?

“Why not? But closed cars are part of the regulations already.”

And finally, will there be two safety cars this year, and not the three of last year?

“Yes, that is right. It is difficult to have three cars running at the same speed. This year we will have two cars, and the green light will be displayed at the pit exit all the time the safety cars are on track, except when they are passing the pits.”

Merci, Monsieur Poissenot.

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