Russian Age Ferrari 550 On Form Again
We covered the problems faced by the Cirtek crew with the ‘Marlboro Ferrari red’ Russian Age Ferrari 550 at the Le Mans test day on June 4 - in Sunday's round up..

“We ran OK in the morning but after the long red flag the car would not restart,” sums up Rob Schirle.

“We changed the battery, starter, alternator, sensors, the lot.”

Nothing would cure the problem on the day: the engine seems to have suffered “a strange failure and will be examined by Care Racing and Prodrive after Le Mans,” comments a much happier (on Wednesday) Rob Schirle.

“With a fresh engine fitted we ran without problem (on the Bugatti Circuit) on Tuesday and are looking forward to running again today.”

So that’s the Sugden / Vann / Smith Ferrari sorted out, in readiness for next week.


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