Gounon On Saturday
David Legangneux spoke to Jean-Marc Gounon in the pit-lane at Le Mans on Saturday afternoon – regarding tyres and engines for the Courage LC70s.

First, they talked about the tyres:

"At Spa, we had new products that I've asked for with a precise architecture and rigidity. It was a huge satisfaction. They trusted me. We've gone in the same direction we've taken with Michelin. At Spa, we've proven it works well and they last, that’s the important thing. We'll have new products, both softer and harder around our new base, the tyre used at Spa.

"On Sunday, we'll use some new tyres, really hard, to see if we have to build new hard tyres for Le Mans. I'm very satisfied with the way our collaboration with Yokohama has progressed recently.

"We haven't done any testing since Spa, because the tyres are built in Japan so it takes a long time to have them here.

"At Spa, we've also had a briefing about wet tyres, because on this point, we're really far away. There has been a big programme of work on that and that will come for Le Mans. They look to be very motivated to develop tyres for this kind of car. The Yokohamas worked well in GT with Porsches.

"The chemist is a new person. He doesn't come from racing, so he has a purely technical vision of the tyre, no preconceived ideas. I'm not an engineer, so it's difficult to explain how it works, so I've made some tables to compare what Michelin did and what we do.

"At Spa, I've done a double stint, without any fall off in performance. Afterwards, we have cut the tyre to examine it and we would have been able to do a third stint.

"The hot weather is the only worry we have, so this is why we have hard tyres here. We have now a good medium tyre and a good hard tyre so now we have to find if we need harder tyres for extreme temperatures."

The David Legangneux asked J-M Gounon about the vibrations from the Mugen engine:

"We have had the same problem as Lammers had, of course, but as Courage has a three year factory deal, we have a 4,5 L and Lammers had a 4 L, so it's not exactly the same problem. The frequency is different. The vibration we've had at the first race has disappeared for the second race, as we've had 500 rpm more and more bhp."

"It's the first year of the partnership, the car is new, we're here to do some kilometers."


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