Test Day / Race Week On The Web
”A Le Mans test day preview tonight on Midweek Motorsport, 8-10 UK time, www.radiolemans.com and Sky Channel 0157,” says John Hindhaugh.

Johnny Mowlem is Hindhaugh's star guest - with an hour long interview, beginning at 20.00.

“And don’t forget to take a radio this weekend,” he adds (for those of you going to Le Mans), “because the FM station is up and running at the test day – at 91.2 FM or look for R.LEMANS on the RDS screen...”

Meanwhile, Jan Lammers’ Dome Judd will again be ‘hooked up’ so that you can follow the telemetry on the car live, at www.janlammers.com - once qualifying begins on June 12

www.janlammers.com/livepopup/telemetry.asp is currently showing the telemetry from last year’s event.

“You’ll be able to follow live track position, speed, gear, brake and temperatures during the official qualifying on Wednesday and Thursday and the race of course,” says Han Ruumpol.

“At the test day we will test the complete system.” So perhaps you’ll find a link on Jan Lammers’ website on Sunday?

“Last year we had around 50,000 unique visitors, who spent many hours on the site, following the car throughout qualifying and the race.”


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