Farewell Johnny Servoz-Gavin
Johnny Servoz-Gavin died on Sunday (May 28). He raced at Le Mans four times, always with Matra, but never saw the chequered flag – writes David Legangneux.

1966: Matra M 620 n°41, with Jean-Pierre Beltoise.
1967: Matra MS 630 n°29, with Jean-Pierre Beltoise.
1968: Matra MS 630 n°24, with Henri Pescarolo.
1969: Matra MS 630 n°34, with Herbert Muller.

He also raced in 12 Grands Prix, scoring nine points. Perhaps his greatest feat in F1 was leading the 1968 Monaco Grand Prix for the opening few laps (standing in for Jackie Stewart). He died on Monaco GP day, 38 years later.


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