Mixed Conditions At Snetterton Today
In weather conditions that varied between pleasant sunshine and driving rain (with the wind a permanent feature), the Chamberlain-Synergy B06/10 Lola AER and the RML MG Lola EX264 AER were shaken down at Snetterton today (in preparation for this Sunday's Le Mans test day).

Only Bob Berridge was present to drive the yellow Lola, while Tommy Erdos, Mike Newton and Andy Wallace were all the present to the drive the RML LMP2 car.

There was also a helicopter present, which departed into the teeth of the gale this afternoon. This one has been spotted near the Nurburgring and Spa during the last 12 months - but it doesn't belong to the Royal Air Force and isn't flown by a group of sportscar loving air force pilots...

Full stories to come.


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