All Six Courage Men Confirmed
Yves Courage has made it clear that the six men in his LC70 Mugens at Le Mans are the two Brits and the Swiss (Hancock, Fisken and Frei) in #12, and Jean-Marc Gounon joining the two Japanese (Nakano and Kurosawa) in #13.

”For the #13 car …. we have three fast drivers who should be able to fight in front,” says the Courage founder, while in the #12 car “we are pleased to have Sam Hancock back, as we won the LMES LMP2 title together in 2004.

“Sam gained more experience in 2005 and showed the world that even in a LMP1 he is a very talented driver. Gregor Fisken will be new to the team but from what I saw on the tracks, he’s a driver I like very much as he’s consistent and very gentle with all the cars he has driven before. Together with Alexander Frei I think we have a perfect mix to have a trouble free race and finish in a good position.”

This is the 'Japanese' car at Spa.


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