Spyker Drivers At Le Mans
#85 Jeroen Bleekemolen / Mike Hezemans / Jonny Kane
#86 Donny Crevels / Tom Coronel / Peter Dumbreck

That’s the confirmed line-up(s) in the Dutch cars, both of which will be in the ‘closed’ specification demonstrated by the Bleekemolen / Hezemans car at the Spa 1000 Kms.

Team Manager Hans van Rennes is at Monaco this week, where “we’re showing our road C-8 Spyder during the Classic, as well as the F1 event.

“I am on the track and driving the car in anger,” says Hans. “Two years ago they stopped me at start and finish to warn me that if I did one more lap like the last I would qualify in between the Jordans and the Minardis!”

We don’t think that any of the six drivers are in danger of losing their seat at Le Mans, to the Team Manager…

Among the other 48 entries for the 24 Hours, there are still a good number of TBAs to be confirmed – but the Spyker Squadron has ‘set out its stall’, with very strong line-ups in both cars.

We’ll begin looking ahead to the test day, and the race, soon.


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