Short, Barbosa & Moseley In The Radical At Le Mans
“We’ve decided to give Le Mans the best possible shot that we can collectively put together,” says Martin Short. “So I’ll be driving with Joao Barbosa and Stuart Moseley. We’ll have two experienced men at Le Mans, plus Stuart, who is inexperienced at this level, but held in very high regard by those who know him.”

Tim Greaves at Radical adds that “we’ve put Stuart in the car in place of me to give the SR9 the pace it deserves. Once Martin committed to put Joao Barbosa in the car, I felt that we had the pace to win the class (with a third top driver), so I’m sponsoring Stuart to race the car at Le Mans.

“He’s the one great talent no one knows about.”

So Rollcentre, Radical themselves, Deutsche Bank and Tim Greaves (through his Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich - say ‘Brookladdie’) have put together the perfect ‘blend’, they hope, of pace, experience and talent.

Tim Greaves will also be driving at the test day on June 4, with the aim of completing as many laps as time allows. He's pictured with Joao Barbosa, during that impressive debut performance at Istanbul.

“We’re focused on making sure Martin has a very extensive spares package,” adds Greaves, “and I think we’ll have the pace of the Lolas.”

Outright speed is something that the Radical has had in abundance from day one, but Martin Short is acutely aware that “we need to do a really good job at Le Mans. We haven’t finished a race yet, we’re approaching the biggest race of the year, we’re still developing the car, we’re still having starter motor problems and we need to make sure the spares are built up, to cope with any eventuality at Le Mans.

“Radical has stepped up to the bar and put Stuart Mosleley in the car, so on the driving front, we’re putting in the maximum effort. The next two weeks will be pivotal, as we seek to resolve the issues that we’ve had at Istanbul and Spa. The race starts in four weeks’ time, and the clock is ticking."

The Rollcentre Radical SR9 has been the story of the prototype year so far in terms of the immediate impact of a brand new car, but the Rollcentre team owner won’t be happy until he’s finished. Will that come at Le Mans, for the first time?


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