More Good News Post-Spa - G-Force
G-Force Courage driver Jean-François Leroch left hospital in Verviers on Sunday and will be fit and ready to go for the test day at Le Mans on June 4.

“It’s my dream to do Le Mans, so I will be there for sure,” comments an upbeat Leroch.

Frank Hahn’s G-Force team received a replacement Courage C65 chassis earlier this week, and the technical crew of G-Force, led by youngster Jeroen Liebens, son of team manager Germain Liebens, is building up the new car for Le Mans.

“We’ll do a shake-down next Tuesday at Spa,” explains Frank Hahn. “We want to avoid every risk in order to have a trouble free test day at Le Mans. It’s my dream to cross the finish line on Sunday, so we’ll do everything possible to get the car as well prepared as it can possibly be.”
Joost Custers


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