Hayden’s Sebah Le Mans Plan
We missed the company of this fellow at Istanbul, but Le Mans (Endurance) Series success last year has ensured that he will be at Le Mans in June – but not with “the old lady” (the GT2 championship winner for the last two seasons).

“She was sold about a month ago,” says Hugh Hayden. “A Swiss Mercedes dealer, Philipp Zumstein, approached the Porsche factory looking for ‘a good one’, and they pointed him towards me.

“Once we’d passed on the car’s racing history, Philipp’s money arrived almost by return. He’s a very nice guy, and I believe he’ll be using the car in club races, to replace his old 993.”

So what car will Hugh Hayden be entering at Le Mans, and for whom?

"Sebah will be preparing and running what was the Factory #66 FIA GT car last year, which is now owned by Gerold Ried. Christian, his son who has been racing FIA GTs since 1999, will have his first Le Mans experience, driving with Xavier Pompidou – but we’ve yet to sort out the third driver. We’re looking for the right man, with the correct balance between funding and talent!”

This chassis will be racing in the FIA GT Championship this year, driven by 'half' of the Ried / Felbermayr family – but the Sebah crew will effectively take delivery after the Brno FIA GT race, set it up for its Dunlop rubber at the Proton workshop, then head straight to Le Mans for the test day.

Here is the RSR at the Dijon test days.

“We’ll be doing the bulk of our preparations for the race between the test and scruineering,” explains Hugh Hayden.

So an era comes to a conclusion: there are now no longer any of the original GT3-R chassis racing in international endurance events. Hugh Hayden’s “old lady” certainly brought the GT3-R era to an end in style - with a perfect record last year, three out of three. Here she is on the way to the third of those wins, at the Nurburgring

Wonder what he’s working on for 2007?


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