Gordon Racing Team’s Big Year
The Gordon Racing Team formally ‘presented itself’ last week – in anticipation of a best ever season to come.

The Belgian team will again enter the LMS series and the Spa 24 hours but the significant addition this year is that prestigious place at Le Mans, which was confirmed in the second batch of entries (granted in February).

“It’s a boy’s dream,” says Yves Lambert. “The last entirely Belgian GT team at Le Mans was RTM in 2000 and at that time we drove in a local endurance championship in Belgium: six years later it is our turn.”

In the LMS and at Le Mans, the young Frenchman Romain Iannetta will join the (otherwise all Belgian) team. Iannetta drove for Noël Del Bello and Belmondo last year, in respectively a Courage C65 and a Chrysler Viper.

At Spa, it will probably be Marc Duez in the car. He drove in a Gordon Porsche 996 in opening round of the Belgian rally championship earlier this year. As the Nürburgring 1000K is just a fortnight before the Spa classic, the team could decide to switch to another car. Dreaming of a GT1, Christian Lambert smiled when asked if the PSI C5-R could be an option.

“Technically, the Porsche gets a 3.8 instead of a 3.6 litre engine with other evolutions to be added,” comments Torsten Robbens, the team manager. “We will first go testing to Magny-Cours before heading to Istanbul.”
Joost Custers


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