Here Comes The Next Lola B06/10
The Chamberlain-Synergy Car

This was the scene at Lola's factory on Saturday (March 4), as the Chamberlain-Synergy team collected its B06/10.

“It’s now en route to Estoril for a two day shakedown test prior to Paul Ricard,” confirms Bob Berridge.

With the yellow Lola running in Portugal, the ProTran being shaken down shortly, and the Dyson Lolas soon to be racing at Sebring, that will be three new Lolas and four new AER V8s all in action at almost the same time.

In other Chamberlain-Synergy news, Spanish drivers Miguel Ángel de Castro and Ángel Burgueño will share the Chamberlain-Synergy Lola B05/40 LMP2 car with the Portuguese driver Miguel Pais do Amaral – in the Le Mans Series and at Le Mans.

Paul Thomas will be engineering this car: he was with Chamberlain-Synergy in 2005, and was the engineer with the #8 Bentley at Le Mans in 2003.

The three LMP2 prototype drivers will all be in action in the Spanish GT Championship again this year: Miguel Ángel de Castro and Ángel Burgueño will share the DriveX Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, while Miguel Pais do Amaral will race with Pedro Couceiro in his Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.


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