Russian Age Racing’s Two Cars
Rob Schirle was delighted to scan through this week’s list of accepted Le Mans entries and find confirmation that his Russian Age Racing has two spots in GT1 – for the team’s Aston Martin DBR9 and the Ferrari 550 Maranello.

“We’re proud to have once again been selected to bring two cars to Le Mans,” says the team owner. “We’ll be bringing out a strong driver line up for Ric Bryant's Aston Martin (chassis DBR9/101) and we are looking forward to giving the class a bit of spice!”

dailysportscar.comOh, it’s got some spice all right. After a year or two of GTS/GT1 entry numbers that struggled to match quantity with quality, this year there are already 12 quality entries in the class, with perhaps one or two more to come.

“The two manufactures will of course be our target,” continues Rob Schirle, “and as Cirtek have proven in 2005 and in Brazil in 2006, we are more than capable running a quick Aston Martin.”

That’s a reference to the 2005 LMES victory at the Nuburgring, the FIA GT victory at the last race of the season (Bahrain) and the another win in the record books too – the opening race of the 2006 season, the Mil Milhas in Brazil.

“We are interested in talking with suitable drivers for both cars in the Le Mans Series and at Le Mans,” explains Rob Schirle.

“Our chances of continuing on from where we left off in Bahrain (in the FIA GT Championship) are reliant on one more sponsor decision, as we only want to compete in the FIA Championship if we have a real chance to fight for race wins. We will keep pushing, so if there are any talented drivers out there give us a call.”

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