New Maserati GT1 For Late 2007/2008
Autosport’s lead GT/sportscar story this week indicates that the Maserati MC12’s days are numbered: the current ‘GT1’ car will be replaced by a more conventional, front-engined machine, based on the 2007 model Coupe GT.

A Maserati spokesman suggests that the racing version could take to the tracks in late 2007 – but 2008 seems more likely.

Such a car would allow Maserati to contest the Le Mans 24 Hours: Autosport suggests that this would be with a works team, with privateer cars made available for the FIA GT Championship. The current MC12 is ineligible for the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The UK weekly also reports that the GPC Squadra Corse team is “close to a deal” to enter Care Racing Ferrari 550s, in this year’s FIA GT Championship – effectively replacing the team’s Ferrari 575s. 2005 GPC regulars Jean-Denis Deletraz and Andrea Piccini are likely to race one of the team’s cars.

Team owner Giampaolo Coppi comments that “it doesn’t make sense to invest in a Maserati".


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