Binnie Lola-Zytek’s Second Shakedown
As indicated earlier this week, Binnie Motorsports headed back to Snetterton this morning, Friday, to complete the shakedown of its B05/40 Lola, with the Zytek engine.

“We completed a faultless morning’s work,” commented Sam Hancock this afternoon. “The car and engine were absolutely trouble-free, and the Binnie and Zytek boys have done a beautiful job, to have the Zytek installed and working so well so soon.”

Hancock was again singing the praises of the V8: “It was so powerful and so smooth. But it was so cold this morning, we had to really fight to get temperatures into the tyres. We used a stiff set-up to try and drive some energy into them.”

Despite the weather, the Lola-Zytek was lapping very rapidly indeed: “Bill is going to be delighted when he hears how quickly we lapped,” said the driver.

Rather than rush to reveal the times, we’ll check whether the team wants them revealed first. But they were very impressive lap times, even more so in the very cold temperatures that prevailed.

Team Manager Derek Kemp adds the following - confirming the lap times.

"We did 77 laps and the car didn't mess a beat!

"The temperature was just above freezing and it was difficult getting the tyres up to temperature but Sam did a really good job and put in consistent 58 second laps with a best of 58.23 [and that was with Atlanta gear ratios].

"I'm glad to say that the car can now be sent to Atlanta where we have a three day exclusive test on 14th,15th & 16th February before we get ready for Sebring. If there is anyone out there that would like to share the test with us please let me know, they can reach me by email at "


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