Significant Saleen Presence At Le Mans This Year?
Oreca and Steve Saleen are clearly intending to have a significant impact at Le Mans this summer (two entries certain to be submitted), but perhaps the GT1 Class will change from no Saleens in 2005 to as many as four in 2006?

That could provide the organising club with a GT1 selection puzzle though…

RML qualifies for two entries for 2006, in LMP2, as a result of the team’s victory at Le Mans last June, and runner-up in the 2005 LMES. Could one of those become a GT1 entry though, for an S7R?

Michael Mallock, at the NEC yesterday, certainly hopes so, and is “hoping to race at Le Mans and in the Spa 24 Hours” this year.

A fourth Saleen entry application at Le Mans is certainly expected, one that is an automatic entry – but would the ACO accept all four?


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