Courage LC75 Latest
The Courage LMP2, the LC75, had its shakedown today – writes Claude Foubert. The car used a Mécachrome engine.

The testing actually took place on the short Maison Blanche circuit (1.4 km long), near the Courage Compétition workshop. The shakedown had been scheduled for yesterday but was delayed because of bad weather conditions.

The weather was better today, but damp in the morning. Alexander Frei was at the wheel of the car, which ran from 11.00 to midday (on intermediates) and from 14.00 to 17.00 (on slicks).

Courage’s Claude Surmont commented that the team was very pleased with the shakedown. All the systems were working well and the LC75 ran for 400 kms trouble free. The team continues to expect a big step forward compared to the C65.

The car should be testing next week - on a circuit which is still not known.


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