News Round-Up
David Legangneux has found some interesting items in Auto-Hebdo this week.

Pierre Bruneau has now decided to switch to the Judd V8 3.4 liter engine for his Pilbeam MP93. The car has been using the JPX V6 thus far, but has consistently been afflicted with engine problems. Bruneau is aiming to concentrate full time on his team-manager's role, and is looking for drivers for 2006.

Gabriele Gardel wants to win another FIA GT title this year, and Jack Leconte is apparently considering racing a Maserati MC12. He could also be considering improvements to the Ferrari 550.

The shakedown of the new Courage LC75 LMP2 car is now scheduled for next week, on an Italian track (the Bugatti Circuit is out of commission at the moment). After the shakedown, interested teams (Belmondo, del Bello, a Dutch team and an American team) will be invited to try the LC75.

The new LC70 LMP1 car will make its first appearance within the next few weeks. Yves Courage is expecting to know very soon whether he will be using Mugen engines in the works cars. The LC70 has been designed to accept other LMP1 engines (Judd GV4 and 5 and the AER turbocharged V8).

Meanwhile, in Autosport this week is the suggestion that Tom Milner’s PTG may run one BMW M3 for the whole of the 2006 ALMS season (in the GT2S class) – but the second car, although starting out as an M3, may be switched for an alternative model part-way through the season.

“I can only say that it will be a GT car, but it might not necessarily be built to the GT2S rules,” says Tom Milner, in Autosport.

The UK magazine suggests that the new car could be a V8 Z4, built to GT2 rules.


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