Le Mans – White Lines (Kerbs) & Things

David Legangneux reports from the annual public meeting to begin promoting the race - on the Tuesday evening before Le Mans week.

We had an interesting evening here in Le Mans. The main guests were Emanuele Pirro, Henri Pescarolo, André de Cortanze, Michel Cosson and Daniel Poissenot. Michel Ferté, Bastien Brière, Jean-René de Fournoux and Patrick Bourdais were also present.

There were a lot of interesting comments from the drivers - and the famous engineer - during the discussion with the public.

Afterwards, Daniel Poissenot explained the current ruling regarding the ‘white lines’. The goal of the test day was to remind the drivers of the rules. For the race, it will be forbidden to put two wheels outside the kerbs. There will be a penalty, a simple stop and go at first, if a driver commits an offence. Then the duration of the stop and go will increase if it happens again, until exclusion.

Those senior drivers who raised this matter on May 3 will be relieved - along with all the others - that a sensible solution has been found for the race.

In other matters, TVR, Saleen & Spyker should carry the same weight and restrictor penalties as they had at Sebring. There will an inspection this week just in case...

And finally, regarding likely 2004 regulations: the transmission will be considered as part of the chassis, and it can't be changed during the race. So the Audi ‘quick change’ system will be making its final appearance next week. Transmission repairs will still be possible in case of damage, of course.

Right, Mr Kristensen, you can now attack the kerbs at around 20.50 or 22.10 on Wednesday and / or Thursday….a 3:33 (or better?) for pole...but please leave the green posts where they are.



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