Following the LM Entry Saga

dailysportscar.comClaude Foubert follows up yesterday’s remarks from President Cosson – in "Ouest-France" – with a response from a (previously) unhappy French entrant, as reported today in the French daily.

Luc Alphand made it clear last week that he was disappointed to ‘only’ receive an entry for his Ferrari 550, not for his Porsche too. Any suggestion that he might not run the 550 has been forgotten as he states that "I clearly understand the reasons of the ACO. Throughout my career, I have always respected the rules and I never sought a favour from anyone. I have been given a great honour by the ACO for my entry and I thank them for that."

So, appreciative of one entry now, rather than belligerent at not receiving two.

The Luc Alphand Aventures team may now enter some ALMS races later in the season too: “If our budget allows it, maybe we will compete in some ALMS races," adds team manager Philippe Poincloux.

The Alliot / Hallyday ‘which car do they enter’ saga is still rumbling along, also in "Ouest-France" today. The paper suggests that the French pair are still in touch with Courage Compétition. Alliot announced his intention for the pair to race with Durango, but that may not actually be the case now. Alliot, claims "Ouest-France", is about to make a deal with Yves Courage.

Presumably Ian Dawson at Taurus Sports is following this with interest.


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