The Porsche Top 20
The full rundown of the top 20 privateer Porsche drivers, as announced last Saturday evening, is listed below.

The top eight drivers include a significant number from two teams – Tafel Racing and Flying Lizard Motorsports. In fact the Porsche Cup winner, Wolf Henzler, represented both teams this year, and his success is in large part due to the professionalism of those two teams, plus his own skill of course.

“It is great honour for me to win the Porsche Cup,” said Wolf Henzler. “In the past there were some great race car drivers winning this Cup. This award shows me that I had a successful year in motorsport. I also must say thank you to Tafel Racing (and Flying Lizard Motorsports) which gave me the opportunity and a well prepared race car to win the Porsche Cup.”

Henzler received the Cup and 37,000 Euros ($48,100) in prize money.

Flying Lizards’ Johannes van Overbeek, unlike Henzler largely racing in one series, took second place, with Joerg Bergmeister – strongly rumoured to be ineligible for this trophy in 2007 - in third.

Robin Liddell was “really happy to be placed fourth in the Porsche Cup. It is a real privilege to receive an award at the Porsche Banquet, which is a prestigious function where so many great drivers and teams have gone before. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out, because although we had a successful season in the Grand Am Series with Tafel Racing, I only really did the one championship this year."

Uwe Brettel, president of Porsche Motorsports North America, commenting on the four Lizards drivers in the top eight (Henzler, van Overbeek, Darren Law and Seth Neiman) said that “having four drivers ranked in the top eight privateer drivers worldwide is a testament to the consistency and commitment of the Flying Lizard team. We are pleased to have the continued support of customers like Flying Lizard as they continue to raise the bar for professional sports car racing in North America.”

The Japanese contingent in the top 20 scored their points in the Japan Le Mans Challenge and in Super GTs.

The Top 20
1 Wolf Henzler 8045

2 Johannes van Overbeek 5870
3 Jorg Bergmeister 5400
4 Robin Liddell 4415
5 Morio Nitta 4300
6 Luca Riccitelli 3400
7 Darren Law 3280
8 Seth Neiman 3160
9 Joel Camathias 2600
10 Marcel Tiemann 2230
11 Koji Aoyama 2200
11 Sinichi Takagi 2200
13 Spencer Pumpelly 2160
14 Horst Felbermayr Jr. 2120
14 Christian Ried 2120
16 Tetsuya Tanaka 2100
17 Akihiko Tsutsumi 2070
18 Dominik Farnbacher 2020
19 Randy Pobst 1945
20 Emanuele Busnelli 1890


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