DPs To Europe (Again)
There was a story many months ago, in F1 Business magazine, indicating that there was a plan to bring Daytona Prototypes to race in Europe. That turned out to be so much hot air – perhaps this is too?

This time the story is in (last week’s) Speed Sport News, and written by Bill Oursler.

Oursler suggests that Jochen Mass is behind a plan to firstly bring surplus Nextel Cup (NASCAR) machinery to race in Europe, and then, perhaps, to bring DPs to Europe.

However, Oursler does suggest that the possibility of DPs racing on the European side of the Atlantic is “purely speculative at this point” and a Grand-Am spokesman said that he wasn’t aware of any negotiations between his organisation and Jochen Mass.

The story continues by pointing out that around 50 Daytona Prototypes have been built so far, and with Grand-Am grids typically averaging 25 or so, presumably there are plenty of chassis available, if anyone wanted to run them in Europe. Some of the available ones would logically include the unloved Picchio and Multimatic designs though…

Bill Oursler’s piece then loses any credibility by making a bizarre comparison between Nextel Cup cars and DTM cars… and we need to quote this part word for word:

“If Mass were to conclude a deal with Grand-Am to race the cars as a German Championship, it would not be the first time that that country would stage a title chase for itself, having created a number of such ventures over the years, including its present Touring Car series, which is NASCAR-like in using V-8 engines in what amount to custom tubeframe vehicles.”

We’re sure that Audi and Mercedes would be delighted at the comparison between their DTM cars and NASCAR machines…. NOT.

Can you sense Stephane Ratel and the ACO offering a warm welcome to DPs in Europe? No?


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