Henzler Is The Porsche Cup Winner
Wolf Henzler received the Porsche Cup at Porsche's Awards Dinner last night.

We'll bring you the full rundown of the top 15 privateer Porsche drivers as soon as they become known. The top four were Henzler, Johannes van Overbeek, Joerg Bergmeister and Robin Liddell.

Among the news that became apparent last night was that Lucas Luhr and Mike Rockenfeller will not be Porsche drivers next year: they're both leaving the fold, for pastures new it seems....

Here's Wolf Henzler, celebrating victory, with Robin Liddell, at Infineon Raceway in August this year.

Porsche Cup Winners 1970-2006
2006 Wolf Henzler Tafel Racing
2005 Tim Sugden GruppeM Racing J3 Racing
2004 Stéphane Ortelli Freisinger Motorsport
2003 Marc Lieb Freisinger Motorsport
2002 Kevin Buckler The Racers' Group
2001 Wolfgang Kaufmann Paco Ortí Racing
2000 Mike Fitzgerald G&W Motorsports
1999 Cort Wagner Alex Job Racing
1998 Franz Konrad Konrad Motorsport
1997 Franz Konrad Konrad Motorsport
1996 Bruno Eichman Roock Racing
1995 Lilian Bryner/Enzo Calderari Stadler
1994 Price Cobb Kelly Moss
1993 Edgar Dören Freisinger
1992 Oscar Larrauri Joest
1991 John Winter Joest
1990 Bernd Schneider Kremer
1989 Bob Wollek Joest
1988 John Winter Joest
1987 Volker Weidler Kremer
1986 Klaus Ludwig Joest
1985 Jochen Mass Joest
1984 Henri Pescarolo Joest
1983 Bob Wollek Joest
1982 Bob Wollek Joest
1981 Bob Wollek Kremer
1980 John Fitzpatrick Barbour
1979 Klaus Ludwig Kremer
1978 Bob Wollek Kremer
1977 Bob Wollek Kremer
1976 Bob Wollek Kremer
1975 Claude Haldi Haberthur
1974 John Fitzpatrick Kremer
1973 Clemens Schickentanz Kremer
1972 John Fitzpatrick Kremer
1971 Erwin Kremer Kremer
1970 Gijs van Lennep Wihuri


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