DP Rule Changes
Grand Am announced a number of rule changes yesterday, November 13, “all designed to control costs in the Daytona Prototype category”.

Traction control is gone, with effect from next year’s Rolex 24, changes to fuel cells are banned and there are revised Hoosier test tire allocations “that should provide teams with more opportunities to use the tires they earn the right to purchase”.

“Our continuous goal with all of our racing series is to keep costs in-check and the racing relatively affordable,” said Grand American President Roger Edmondson. “Incredibly close racing and intense competition – and we have seen plenty of that in the Rolex Series the last few years – can drive costs up so it is up to us to do what we can to keep expenses under control.”

The decision to eliminate traction control was made after last week’s test at Daytona, in which some teams used the Bosch ECU for the first time. The SunTrust Riley has always run with the Bosch system, and that ran trouble free at the Daytona test. The Riley Motorsports Riley used the Bosch system last week, as did one of the Howard Motorsports Crawfords – both struggling to get the system working well – while Brumos went home after losing an engine.

Perhaps the challenge from Grand Am will be to ensure that traction control has been eliminated? Why eliminate it anyway, when the Bosch system can be made to work? Presumably there will be implications in terms of tyre wear and 'gentleman driver pace', compared to the professionals.

The fuel cell changes “do away with high-cost internal components that teams were adopting to speed-up refuelling on pit stops”. Instead, the size of the fuel hose restrictor has been increased.

The explanation of the new tyre regulations reads as follows:

The new Hoosier test tire allocations will see all teams competing in the Rolex 24 granted the right to purchase six sets of test tires. Another six-set allotment will then be made available to any team that competes in the year’s first three races (including the Rolex 24). The 12 sets of Hoosiers can be used at any time throughout the year but will be impounded by Hoosier on race weekends. All teams must notify Grand-Am two weeks prior to all testing and that information will be posted on grandamerican.com commencing in 2007.


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