Grand Am’s Grand (2008-2012) Plan
One New Manufacturer In, Plus New Body Designs Allowed

Grand American Road Racing President Roger Edmondson revealed plans at Daytona today (November 7) that will “lead the organization’s premier class into its next generation of competition and growth”.

“We have been incredibly pleased with the amazing growth and wide-spread acceptance of the Daytona Prototype division since its introduction just a few years ago,” Edmondson explained. “Not only was the Daytona Prototype formula the success we knew it would be, it also grew quicker than we originally anticipated. This is due primarily to the great competition and close racing the category produced from its onset, and we must work hard to maintain this same balanced platform for success in the future. The first five years of any business cycle are critical and a key part in the final phase of that time span is properly planning for the next five-years of operation. We believe we have done a good job in preparing for the future with some of the rules and regulations unveiled today.”

Existing Daytona Prototype Constructor Agreements last until the end of the 2007 season, at which point a new five-year agreement period will commence.

It became apparent today that:

  • only constructors that have at least one entry in one race in 2007 will be eligible for renewal
  • the new agreement period for 2008 to 2012 calls for each manufacturer to have at least two representative entries in each event in order to maintain approved status for the duration of the agreement
  • prior to the new agreement period, existing constructors may request approval to transfer their licence to build Daytona Prototypes to another entity (by September 1, 2007). All existing race cars and designs will remain eligible for competition from 2008 through 2012, regardless if an existing constructor continues in an approved capacity in the next agreement period.

Is one current DP constructor about to 'sell-out' to a European sportscar manufacturer?

“We made it clear to the constructors and competitors that made a commitment in the beginning that Daytona Prototypes would be eligible for a long period of time,” continued Roger Edmondson. “At the same time, we feel the need to allow approved constructors to introduce certain bodywork changes or an entirely new body design within the existing parameters of the rules in order to keep the designs fresh and contemporary.”

Edmondson originally announced, in April 2003, that “We are fully committed to these cars as they exist today and these cars will continue as our premier class for the next 20 years."

So each approved constructor for the 2008 through 2012 period may submit for approval new or modified body designs by the same September 1, 2007 deadline. Any approved changes or new designs must be available from the constructors to all customers for use in competition by January 1, 2008. Current Daytona Prototype chassis will remain unchanged and any new or modified body designs must comply with current regulations and fit the existing chassis.

As revealed on dsc on November 3 – here – there is also a provision for approved engine manufacturers to submit exclusive body designs to run with a single chassis of their choice. “Manufacturer” body designs may only be used in combination with the manufacturer’s engine and only one such option per automaker is allowed. September 1 of next year is also the deadline for any manufacturer to submit designs.

“As the Daytona Prototype category has grown in popularity, we have been approached by several top automobile manufacturers from around the world who have expressed an interest in running like race car and engine combinations,” Edmondson said. “Although our approved partners will remain the only constructors eligible to build Daytona Prototype chassis, the fact that manufacturers can now submit identifiable bodywork to complement their engines has been met with preliminarily positive feedback.”

With the demise of the Chase, Multimatic and Picchio names from effective competition, a new name has been added to the approved list of 2008 constructors: Sabre Innovations. Sabre plans to build its design that was originally submitted in 2003, and it must comply with the minimum two entries provision throughout its first season to maintain approved status. Sabre has also been granted a provision to submit any new body designs by September 1, 2008, which will keep them consistent with the opportunities offered to existing constructors.

"We couldn’t be more pleased," says Sabre's Ron Ogletree. "We have never given up presenting our case while always striving to keep any discussions respectful and focused on the ultimate goal. Our persistence and patience seems to have paid off to have the door opened. We must extend kudos to Grand American for their commitment and support to add Sabre RD1 to the list of approved constructors.”


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