Grand Am Correction
In yesterday’s Phoenix Preview – here – dsc’s silly Editor suggested that Mike Rockenfeller and Patrick Long might lose out this week by not being present for the Rolex Series qualifying race on Friday evening (when they’ll be racing in that evening’s Houston event, R2 of the ALMS).

Well, how daft can an editor be? Of course they can score points on Friday, at Phoenix, while racing at Houston…

GA regulation 8-10.6: “The driver of the qualifying race will race for full driver, team, and manufacturers championship points. Full driver championship points will be awarded to all drivers entered on the car provided they drive in the feature race as well. The qualifying race driver cannot start the main race the next day.” And according to 15-5.6 “for the Rolex 24 at Daytona a maximum of five drivers may be listed on a car, all other races the maximum number is three drivers.”

So Marcel Tiemann will score points for Long and Rockenfeller on Friday, as long as both of the regular drivers take part in Saturday’s race – which Tiemann cannot start (and presumably won’t participate in).

If, by any chance, either the AJR Porsche or the Petersen-White Lightning Porsche wins at Houston, the quiz question for the future might read, “When did a driver simultaneously win a race in one series and at exactly the same moment score XX points in another series’ event, running concurrently in a nearby state?”

Thanks Gary Horrocks.


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