Gidley’s Recovery Underway
Memo Gidley suffered injuries to his lower back at Long Beach last weekend – after his #19 Playboy / Uniden Crawford hit the wall in the race morning warm-up, an accident attributed to a “mechanical failure”.

He hit the Turn 1 barriers at 140 mph. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where he was released before the start of the race, and then flown to Indianapolis on Monday to be further evaluated by Dr. Terry Trammell.

"It was a big hit and unfortunate because I figured we had a great chance to get the Playboy/Uniden/ Palms Ford powered Daytona Prototype into victory lane at Long Beach," said Gidley this week. "An injury is no fun but considering the speed of impact, I am thankful that my injuries were limited to what I have. I'm sure this is not only because the cars are structurally very strong, but also because my physical fitness helped in protecting me.

“I love to race and I understand the dangers. I am always willing to take the good with the bad and know that crashing is a part of racing and I am not afraid of that.”

Grand Am doesn't require its cars to be crash-tested.

Gidley will wear a back brace for the next two weeks, but the good news is that he is expected to make a full recovery in two months.

He’s still got his sense of humour: “I've been told because of the impact I will be ¼" shorter...not a bad thing for a race car driver because it will lower my center of gravity!"

Here he is in the race morning warm-up....

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