Grand Am Adjustments
Three races into the season and the adjustments have been made – to tweak the performance of the Porsche-powered DP cars.

The changes look like this:

Up to 3.99L 2225lbs up from 2150 (+75 lbs) Porsche powered
4.0 – 4.5L 2200lbs no change Lexus engines
4.51 – 5.0 2250lbs down from 2275 (-25 lbs) Pontiac, Ford, BMW engines

So in theory the Crawford, Doran and Fabcar chassis with Porsche power receive 75 lbs of ballast, while the Pontiac, Ford and BMW-powered cars can remove 25 lbs.

It may not be quite as simple as that though – if some of the flat-six powered chassis were not running down at the minimum weight. Were the Fabcars and the Doran-Porsche on the minimum anyway?


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