DP Engine Changes
Besides the well-publicised engine change in the Krohn Rileys – from Pontiac to Ford – it seems that Eddie Cheever has decided to make a switch too, in his case from Lexus to Porsche power.

The Cheever switch is almost certain to happen in time for Mexico City’s race next weekend, while a Porsche-powered Riley chassis is going to appear very soon too.

The AJR / Emory Motorsports Crawford was 6 to 8 mph quicker than the opposition on top speed at the Rolex 24, although perhaps any apparent Porsche advantage will be less at non-speedway courses.

Eddie Cheever’s #39 Crawford Lexus did lead the Rolex 24, but more on consistency than outright pace. Its best lap was two seconds down on the #23 Crawford Porsche.

In other DP news, Paul Tracy will again race the #6 Graydon Elliott Fusion Racing Riley Lexus, in R2 at Mexico City.


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