Crawford Testing At Sebring
Howard-Boss Motorsports engineer Steve Wills fills in the detail behind the testing of the Howard-Boss Motorsports Callaway Crawford at Sebring earlier this week.

dailysportscar.comThat’s Steve on the right – towards the end of a frustrating Rolex 24 for the team.

“Andy Wallace drove the entire time: the test was an aero and shock test only, plus the car was running with Kayaba electric power steering for the first time. There was no "track" tuning as such, only "car" tuning, so outright lap times were not an issue, though obviously as the car improved so did lap times.

“Andy started the test running high 2.03 to 2.04 laps, then tried some aero mods. which were significant and dropped the times into the 2.02s immediately. Further tweaking saw some 2.01 laps on Tuesday morning. The remainder of Tuesday was spent on shock evaluation and tuning. This resulted in a dip into the high 59s late on Tuesday.

“Wednesday was spent evaluating and tuning the "best of" front and rear shocks, which saw the car consistently run in the 59s. Andy did two ten lap runs at the end of the test in which every lap was a 59, culminating in a 59.1 fastest right at the end, on tyres with 300 miles running. So all in all a good test, the team learnt a lot which hopefully can be applied to the bumps of Mexico, which was the main aim of the test.

“Speed is ultimately not stunning you may say, but the a DP car is what a DP car is, so we are stuck with that, but generally a good test for Crawford, you can only beat what is put against you, so hopefully we've made progress after what was a disastrous Daytona for us. Thankfully we had no recurrence of the engine or electric problems which stymied all three Howard-Boss cars at the 24 hours, so hopefully that is all behind us.“


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