RfH – FIA Sportscar Championship Awards
Jan Lammers, John Bosch and Racing for Holland collected their 2003 FIA Awards at the ceremony in Monaco yesterday, having won this year's FIA Sportscar Championship.

Jan Lammers is on the left, John Bosch on the right, with between them Mark Koense, Tadashi Sasaki of Dome and technical ‘guru’ Davy Lemmens, who runs the Racing for Holland team from its workshop in Katwijk.

Presumably there will be Championship titles awarded in the LMES in 2004? All we know at the moment is that "The (two) entrants with the best ranking in each category are automatically qualified for the next 24 Heures du Mans," but presumably there will be an announcement regarding the points structure (and LMES titles) in due course.



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