Pescarolo Courage For Nogaro And Bugatti
David Legangneux confirms that the Nogaro round of the FIASCC will include the welcome appearance of a singleton Pescarolo Sport Courage on the grid.

With Stéphane Sarrazin busy in Formula Nissan and Nicolas Minassian playing with a Supercar V8 down under, Frank Lagorce and Soheil Ayari will drive at Nogaro.

Henri Pescarolo told Ouest-France on Wednesday that he is coming only because the race organisers have based all of their pre-race publicity around the appearance at Nogaro of the Courage. "A sad end of the championship", said Henri.

Further news from the team is that at least one C60 will contest the Le Mans 1000 km with a second possible but subject to the sourcing of additional funding.


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