Practice Times At Spa This Morning

The F3s had the better track conditions earlier on this morning, but as the track became less wet during the prototype / GT session, Tom Kristensen set the best time right at the end.

Bad news for two of the British teams: Liz Halliday locked up in the wet at La Source and hit the Eclipse TVR hard enough to possibly put her Tech 9 Porsche out of the rest of the meeting: the left chassis leg has been pushed back by 20 mm. The Championship leading Eclipse TVR "should be repairable for Saturday morning." John Griffiths is understood to have all of the parts the team need to have it fixed for Qualifying. "There's nothing like a bit of drama to spice up the meeting, is there?" commented joint team owner Chris Pollard.

Cor Euser had oversteer on the Kemmel Straight in the wettest (early) part of the session - in sixth gear in the 7 litre Mantara! Calum Lockie set three flying laps for fifth quickest GT time: "It was fun, I really enjoy the wet."

1 25 KRISTENSEN T ARA S Audi R8 SR1 2:30.665
2 1 LAMMERS J BOSCH J Dome Judd SR1 2:32.752
3 5 SHIMODA H WALLACE A DBA4 Zytek SR1 2:34.662
4 2 GABBIANI B. ORTIZ F. Dome Judd SR1 2:38.951
5 16 SARRAZIN S LAGORCE F CouragePeugeot SR1 2:39.214
6 121 UGEUX S KUPPENS R Gillet Vertigo Guest 2:48.947
7 52 PERONI P SAVOLDI M FRANCIONI F Lucchini SR SR2 2:49.430
8 192 HAY R BARFF R CAINE M TVR Tuscan GT0 2:50.825
9 122 SHORT M HERRIDGE T BARBOSA J Mosler MT900R GT0 2:51.143
10 133 BALFE S DERBYSHIRE J ERDOS T Mosler MT900R GT0 2:53.113
11 130 EUSER C LOCKIE C MENTEN J Marcos Mantara Guest 2:54.262
12 191 STANTON R JORDAN M CAROLINE L TVR Tuscan GT0 2:54.350
13 140 PELLE F COOK P Porsche 996 GT0 2:55.448
14 110 COCHET J HEMROULLE JF LEMEE C Lamborghini Di 6 2:56.092
15 61 STACK J HIGNETT S TAYLOR N Pilbeam Nissan SR2 2:57.087
16 176 PEARCE P GRIFFIN M BERRIDGE B Porsche 996GT3 GTC 2:58.294
17 127 HYDE S EVANS G HANSEN C TVR Tuscan R GT0 2:59.931
18 142 LESTER H ROBINSON K GREASLEY J Ferrari 360 GTC 2:59.960
20 6 KEEN J OBERTO L LAVAGGI G Lola Judd SR1 3:00.333
21 146 WELLS R AHLERS K BOCK C Morgan Aero 8 GTC 3:02.929
22 63 RICARD C FAVRE P Lucchini SR200 SR2 3:03.992
23 147 DURRANT R CROYDON R Renault ClioV6 GTC 3:04.153
24 150 LE BAS R COLE R COOK P Corvette C5 GT0 3:08.542
25 169 JOHNSON P LYNCH S PULLAN S TVR Tuscan R GT0 3:10.135
26 99 ROSTAN M BRUNEAU P Pilbeam Peugeo SR2 3:10.274
27 120 BRADY S ATTARD M ADAMS N Ferrari 360 GT0 3:11.994
28 177 HALLIDAY L STRIMPTON T STRETTON T Porsche 996GT3 GTC 3:13.871
29 129 WOOD S SCOTT S SUMPTER M VW Golf GTI GTC 3:15.653
30 144 EDWARDS A BONNER A TURVEY S Marcos Mantis GTC 3:15.983
31 143 SEGATORI M COLACINO W Lotus Elise GTC 3:17.781
32 111 CASADEI M JURASZ M Porsche GT3 GT0 3:18.559
33 149 CATE P SAUNDERS G BULLOCK R Lotus Elise GTC 3:25.903
34 166 CUNNINGHAM N SHARPE A SCOTT A Morgan Aero 8 GTC 3:38.866


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