Only 13 Prototypes At Spa
We were hoping for 20 or more, but the official entry list for the Spa 1000 Km this coming Sunday reveals a final list of just 13. Well done the 13 for making it, but it is now time for something new.

In the SR1 class, the non-entrants from the original list are:
Giovanni Lavaggi’s Ferrari 333SP (Lavaggi drives the Taurus Lola)
The Durango
The Promec
The Fred Goddard Reynards
The Ascari (its last race was at Donington Park)
The R&M
A Factory Courage
The Chamberlain MG-Lola (on duty in the ALMS). But we have gained the Simpson Riley & Scott.

In SR2, we’ve lost two Lucchinis and the “Taurus MG-Lola”.

The entry is as follows:
Racing for Holland NL Jan Lammers / John Bosch Dome S101 - Judd
Racing for Holland NL Beppe Gabbiani / Felipe Ortiz Dome S101 – Judd
Pescarlo Sport F Stephane Sarrazin / Frank Lagorce Courage – Peugeot
Taurus Sports GBR Giovanni Lavaggi /Justin Keen / Larry Oberto Lola B2K/10B – Judd
RN Motorsports DEN Andy Wallace / Hayanari Shimoda DBA4-03S – Zytek
Audi Sport Japan Tom Kristensen / Seiji Ara Audi R8
Simpson Engineering GBR Armand Fumal / Geoffroy Horion Riley & Scott

Lucchini Engineering IT Pierguiseppe Peroni Mirco Savoldi Lucchini - AER Nissan
Palmyr SUI Christophe Ricard / Gregory Fargier / Philippe Favre Luchinni - Alfa Romeo
GP Racing IT Gianni Collini / Fabio Mancini / Massimo Saccomanno Lucchini - Alfa Romeo
Team Jota GBR John Stack / Sam Hignett Pilbeam MP84 – Nissan
PiR Competition F Pierre Bruneau / Marc Rostan Pilbeam - Nissan
Team Sovereign GBR Michael Millard / Ian Flux LM 3000 - Nissan


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