Dunlop Tyre Testing At Le Mans Today
It’s not just Lister Storm Racing with their LMP testing on the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans today and tomorrow – Racing for Holland is present too, as is Yves Courage with his C65 675 class car, and Wieth Racing is expected to arrive soon, with its improving Ferrari 550.

Both Racing for Holland and Courage Competition will be using the track time to prepare for the Spa 1000 Km next week.

The Team Goh Audi has already tested at Spa, and with Tom Kristensen joining Seiji Ara, this is obviously a very serious entry indeed for the 1000 Km.

Mark Koense explains the RfH view of the Audi racing at Spa (at “That the Audi is participating is good for the starting grid - especially given the quality of the drivers - however, one cannot help but wonder whether it is a good thing that someone can pick one race and appear at the start with materials that others are unable to use. All these things illustrate the need for a tightly organized and strictly regulated championship and it is the reason that all involved in sportscar racing should be happy about the 2004 Le Mans championship organized by the ACO. These concerns do not diminish the fact that we are looking forward to the race at Spa. We are going to do our best and are focused on winning the championship."

The “materials” that others cannot use are Michelin tyres and the Audi R8. The underlying principle of the ISRS / SRWC / FIA SCC was that chassis were available at less than a fixed price, and that tyres were available to several teams, not just one.


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