Goddard Reynard Judd V10
This is an interesting development. Despite a very impressive run at Donington Park last Saturday, Fred Goddard has decided (with a longer term view in mind) to switch to four litre Judd V10 power (from the Nicholson-McLaren V8) for the Spa 1000 Km at the end of this month – in one of his Reynards.

“We took stock after Donington,” said Goddard. “Brian Ireland was taking corner times at the Melbourne loop, and we were as quick as anyone there, except the DBA. We could have taken the 3.4 Judd V8 route and stayed in the 675 class, but rather than that we’ve decided to ballast the car up to 900 kg and run it as an SR1 / LMP900. When Guy Smith drove the Owen / Smithson car at Monza, he was as quick as anyone, and the Judd is such a good long distance engine. It will be perfect for Spa – and beyond.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in Petit Le Mans, and the Bugatti race in November. The Spa 1000 Km is going to be such a good event, we want to be there with the Reynard-Judd.”

The Reynard chassis is a proven product in 24 hour races of course....

Suitably experienced and funded drivers are invited to contact Fred Goddard for consideration for Spa, Petit Le Mans and / or the Le Mans 1000 Km. “It’s all happening here right now,” he says.

+44 1327 858309
+44 7802 215278


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