Unhappy SR1 Teams
”Auto-Hebdo” reported yesterday that the SR1 teams entered in the FIA SCC have signed a letter asking for a revision of the equivalence rule between the SR1 cars and the 675s. They say that what is good for Le Mans is less appropriate for shorter tracks.

"Between Dome, Ascari, Durango and ourselves, lap times are close," says Henri Pescarolo, in “Auto-Hebdo”. "But the DBA, with its 675 kg, has a real advantage."

Clearly Henri hasn’t been reading dailysportscar, otherwise he’d know that the DBA weighed “over 800 kg” (including ballast) at Donington Park. And a quick look at the fastest laps from Donington would suggest that lap times are not quite as he suggests.

#5 DBA 1:27.194
#2 Dome 1:27.450
#1 Dome 1:27.730
#16 Pescarolo Courage 1:29.416
#21 Ascari 1:29.417
No time available for the Durango (disqualified).

Although qualifying times do support his argument a little more:
#5 DBA 1:24.632
#2 Dome 1:25.847
#1 Dome 1:26.285
#16 Pescarolo Courage 1:26.308
#21 Ascari 1:26.921
#8 Durango 1:28.659.

Finding the balance between cars created for different regulations isn’t easy. Comparing power to weight ratios is only part of the answer, but we would estimate that the DBA had 0.59 bhp/kg at Donington and the Dome had 0.57 bhp/kg. However, the DBA has narrower tyres.

The nature of different circuits is likely to suit different cars, so perhaps Spa will benefit the more powerful Domes etc., just as Le Mans does. RN Motorsports is “definitely preparing for Spa,” says Team Manager Karl Patman. That event will be a real endurance test between the different FIA SCC entries (with no defined number of pit stops [three], as in the 150 minute races).

Perhaps it comes down to whether cars should all be as equal as possible (as in the ISRS / SRWC) or whether there should be an advantage in running the most up to date car / engine combination.

The Goh Audi is likely to introduce a few more variables into the equation at Spa.


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