Possible Entry For Spa 1000Kms
We’re not going to post this up as anything other than a news item yet, with a month to go until the race. But this could be how the prototype entry looks for this event, with the British GT runners and some guest entries adding significantly to the field.

1 Racing For Holland ? Lammers Bosch DomeS101
2 Racing For Holland Gabbiani Ortiz DomeS101
3 GLV Lavaggi TBA Ferrari-Judd
5 RN Motorsport ? Shimoda Nielsen DBA4-03S
6 Taurus TBA TBA LolaB2K/10B
8 Durango Maddalena Rugolo Durango-Judd
12 Trombetti Caffi Trombetti Promec PJ119
16 Pescarolo Sport Hélary Minassian Courage Peugeot
? Fred Goddard Racing Earl Goddard TBA Reynard Nicholson-McLaren
? Fred Goddard Racing Reynard Nicholson-McLaren
21 Ascari Zwart Lupberger Ascari Judd
22 R&M Baldi TBA R&M Judd
25 Audi Sport Japan Magnussen Ara Audi R8
26 Courage TBA TBA Courage C65
27 Chamberlain TBA TBA Lola MG
52 Lucchini Peroni Savoldi Lucchini SR 2002
54 Ranieri Sebastiani Randaccio Lucchini SR 2002
55 GP Racing Saccomanno Mancini Lucchini SR 2002
61 Team Jota Stack Hignett Pilbeam Nissan
62 Sovereign Millard Flux LM 3000 Nissan
63 Palmyr Ricard Fargier Lucchini SR 2002
65 Taurus TBA TBA Lola MG
66 Renauer Kaufmann TBA Lucchini SR 2002
99 Pierre Bruneau Rostan Bruneau Pilbeam Peugeot


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