Lister Plan Their LMP Season
The Lister Storm LMP - which made such a promising Le Mans debut until Thursday evening’s accident - is likely to be seen at three events during the balance of the season.

All three will be in Europe, beginning at Donington Park with the FIA SCC race on August 9. This will be treated as “more of an extended test session,” says Fiona Pearce. That will be followed by a really good work out at Spa at the end of August, for the 1000 km SCC race, and will conclude with the Le Mans Endurance Series event on the Bugatti Circuit on November 9.

Donington and Spa could also see the Doran-Lista Dallara make a couple of European appearances. The team has raced in Europe before, with its Ferrari Judd. Lister and Lista for Donington?

The other two FIA SCC events - at Oschersleben and Nogaro – appear not to have the same attraction (to the teams) as Donington and Spa.


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