Goddard Reynard For Monza
Fred Goddard can reflect on a difficult few months with his Reynard-Cosworth ‘675’ project, sure now in the knowledge that he has a strong driver pairing lined up for the Monza FIA SCC race on June 29: his son Earl will partner former F3 racer Steven Arnold.

“We ran Steven in F3, but recently he’s been driving his father’s Chevron B19. We had a test at Donington Park last week, and first time in the car he was within a second of Earl’s time,” says the Team Owner.

“The really good news is that Earl was 4.8 seconds quicker than ever before round Donington, so we’re hopeful of a very good showing against the SR1 cars at Monza.”

Can you match them, Fred? “That will be difficult on a high speed track, but we’ll be closer at tighter circuits.”

FIA SCC PR man David Harmon is sticking to his guns and forecasting 17 cars at Monza in just over a week’s time.



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