FIA SCC – 17+ At Monza

For reasons that are hard to fathom, the pattern of FIA SCC entry numbers this year seems set to work in reverse of 2002’s pattern: last year it was quite good grids before Le Mans, weaker ones afterwards. 2003 should see numbers pick up after Le Mans.

The June 29 race at Monza – only two weeks after the 24 Hours – should see “at least 17 cars,” including “one or two surprises.” The Monza name is clearly attracting drivers and entrants who want to race at the famous Autodromo.

We’re not sure about Oschersleben and Donington, but Spa at the end of August, for the 1000 Km, should see around 22 prototypes. Big races do attract entries, obviously.

R&M would like to have their R&S Mklll Judd out at Monza next month: they’re testing at the famous track on Friday of this week, and have a vacancy alongside Mauro Baldi (for testing and the race). Form an orderly queue at Benjamin Franassovici's inbox….

Gabriele Tosi forwards this image of the nearly complete building work at Monza.


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